Why are local Melbourne businesses keen on using teardrop banners and flags for advertising?

Posted by Shane Shane on

Many businesses continue to use teardrop banners, teardrop flags, feather banners and feather flags to promote their business. With all the advancements and high usage of digital technology, online advertisements seems easy, but that is not the case.

Due to high pricing of other advertising methods, many local businesses need affordable and efficient ways to influence potential customers. Here, the price of a small teardrop banner kitset is approximately $100 in Melbourne, Australia. The same pricing applies to feather banner kitsets. Even though they're "small", the teardrop banner reaches up to 2.3m once set up. We offer hardware warranties for 2 years and replacement teardrop and feather banners for only $59.

Portability is also one of the key points which make teardrop banners popular in Melbourne, Victoria and Australia. Businesses with low foot traffic, hidden beyond the main roads suffer from visual impact, that's why custom teardrop banners are perfect for drawing publicity. With a custom printed banner suited to your needs, this will be the most effective advertising method.



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