How to prevent damage to the pole "anchors"?

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An important aspect of caring and maintaining your flag or banner is ensuring that the teardrop banners can be safely used in all kinds of Melbourne and Victoria wind zones. Here we will advise some ways to prevent the pole anchors from damage.

On windy days, the force on the feather or teardrop banner is applied to it's cord stopper which should be wound around the PVC anchors on the pole base. While it is best to always take in your feather banners or teardrop banners when high wind speeds occur, we know it is not always convenient for you to do.

1. Use both the anchors when tying the cord around the 2 anchors to even out the strength from the banners

2. Do not tighten the banner too tightly, just enough that the banner flags look straightened out without any stretch marks

3. Make sure the base of the pole is lubricated, it will reduce the force from the teardrop banner from Melbourne weather since the base will be able to rotate freely

4. Detach the custom teardrop banners whenever they are not needed, to lessen the strain and the teardrop banner will also be much easier to transport around wherever be it Melbourne, Victoria or Australia

The hardware we have is at the top of the market, especially across all custom banner shops in Melbourne. We offer a 100% quality guarantee on our teardrop poles, feather poles, teardrop banner bases and feather banner bases.

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