How to create a teardrop banner or a feather banner in Canva?

What is Canva?

Consisting of more than 800,000 templates by September 2021 and keeping adding new, Canva has no doubt been the best platform for people want to make a nice design in a short time even with little design experiences. As a printing business, we don't need to reinvent the wheel. We strongly recommend our customers to give a try on their platform. The most important thing is that you will get inspired from their existing templates and learn how to present your business in a smarter way to your customers.  Yes, it's all free.

How to use Canva for the design?

We have already uploaded our small and large teardrop banner templates, small and large feather banner templates and one 6'x3' flagpole flag template to Canva, for free to use. Due to size limitations on Canva, we have reduced the template sizes. But no worries at all, we will recover the sizes for you when we receive your files. Click one of the follow links to reach the template:

You will find the detail instructions in the templates. But we strongly suggest you read the following 7 tricks before you start.

7 tricks you must know for the design

Here are the summary of the key points from our professional designers:

  1. Use your own background image: you may upload your high resolution png or jpg files to Canva only if it is very necessary. Otherwise try their search function to find free high resolution images there.
  2. Remove the background of your image for free: Canva has this function but you have to upgrade to a Pro account to use it. If you are not ready to pay for a Pro account, try this free tool developed by Adobe
  3. Use your own logo:
    1. Try to find a vector version of your logo for example a pdf, eps, ai, svg etc. Canva only accepts svg or pdf files. We suggest use pdf files. It's hassle-free.
    2. You may convert other formats to pdf online. Use this free conversion website or find a similar one on Google.
    3. Upload a pdf logo: very tricky at the moment. You have to go to the homepage -> create a design (at the top right corner) -> import file (at the bottom). Then save this uploaded design to a folder. 
    4. To find the logo when you are in a design, click on the three dots in the left nav -> folders -> the folder just used for saving. 
    5. No vector version available? Use a high resolution jpg or png and check Point 1 & 2. 
  4. Avoid bright green or blue colours: Canva uses RGB colours by default. But we can only print cmyk colours. So try not use very bright green or blue colours and you will be fine. We will match similar colours for you if the colours are not printable. You will receive the mockup before printing.
  5. Double sided banners: our templates only contain the right side. We will make the other side for you if the contents are the same. It is not very easy to make the other side on Canva. You will have to design the other side by yourself if they are different. Duplicate the whole page and make the changes. Try to use the group, the ungroup and the flip functions.  
  6. Keep your design simple: please remember that the banners are mainly viewed by your customers from a distance. People seldom read very details from a banner. So always use easy-to-read fonts and make the keywords as large as possible.
  7. Export your design file: through Share -> Download -> File type -> PDF print. Do not use the png option.

How to buy teardrop banners or feather banners here?

Now you have the pdf file stored on your computer. Please use the following links to make the order of your teardrop banners and feather banners. Don't worry about the design. We will check it for you once we receive your uploaded pdf file. You may also leave some comments for us when ordering to help us to understand your design. We will send you a mockup for you to confirm before printing. 

    Any problem with the design?

    We are always here for helps if you don't have time to complete the design. The teardrop banner and feather flag design service starts as low as $19+gst.