How to Order Feather or Teardrop Banners through


1. Find your products using the "Search" bar or the Menu bar.

Quickly find what you're looking for by using the Search bar or browsing our categories through the drop-down lists.

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2. Select the desired options for a product and "Add to cart".

Choose one of the variants on the product page which is most suited for your needs. Check the product images and read through the description for all specific details.


3. Upload files for customization.

You may also design your own custom teardrop banners or feather banners. Save the file as a PDF and upload it on the product page.

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NOTE: If you wish to provide us with your own custom design files for our custom banners and flags range, you must use our templates found in the product description of every product where applicable. Alternatively, choose a template from below:

Small Teardrop Banner Template

Large Teardrop Banner Template

Small Feather Banner Template

Large Feather Banner Template

Extra-large Feather Banner Template

Custom Flag Bunting Small Template

Custom Flag Bunting Large Template

Custom Hand Flags Template

Custom Car Flags Template

If you'd like us to do your design/layout professionally for you, please do not upload any files to the product page. Search for "professional design service" or click here. Collect all your high quality logos and images, preferably as vector files, ZIP them and then upload them through the "Professional Banner Design Service" product page.

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4. Checking out your cart.

Once you have all the desired products, proceed to checkout by clicking the Cart on the top right hand side. You can review your order and make sure everything's correct.

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5. Enter your details.

Provide your email address and shipping details so we can deliver your order. Or to make our job easier and help you have a better method of access, create an account with us to save your information.

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6. Make your payment.

We have two payment methods. You can either use a credit/debit card or use bank transfer. If you use credit/debit card, you're good to go! We will immediately begin to process your order. If you decide to make the purchase with Bank Transfer, we will start the job once we have received confirmation from our bank.

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Ensure you have read and understood our policies before proceeding, if you may have any further inquiries in the future.

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After these steps, you should get a confirmation email reviewing your order. We will make sure to contact or email you as soon as possible when your items are ready and delivered.