Silver Fern Flag - Lockwood Proposed New Zealand Flag

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Our premium quality silver fern flags are screen-printed onto 110gsm polyknit fabric (the same material used for our teardrop and feather banners). Strong and lightweight, perfect for usage on large flag poles. The colours can last for more than 2 years. This black, white and blue silver fern flag was a proposed flag for New Zealand by architectural designer Kyle Lockwood. Thanks Kyle for bringing the beautiful flags to us.

Product features: 

1. Screen-printed flags so that the colours will last for more than 2 years.

2. Life expectancy around 6 - 24 months bases on season and flag care. Our flags use anti-fray sewing technology, thus have a longer lifespan than normal flags.

3. All flags are assembled with standard sister clips for mounting

4. Standard flag pole flag size: 1800x900mm or 6'x3'

Turnaround of Custom Banner Flags

Generally, our Teardrop Banners and Feather Banners will require 5-7 working days to process and get the banner ready to deliver. The processing time still depends on the quantity you've ordered and the day of the week the finalized printable artwork is ready. We also need to receive the payment before we can start your job due to custom products.


 There are two sessions every week for us to process orders but you may send your artwork as early as possible and place your order anytime you are ready. While the above figure is not fully representative of the order turnaround for custom banners, we follow this structure the majority of the time.

Flag and Banner Maintenance

While our high precision sewing and heavy-duty European ink is at the best of the best in the market, the inevitable wear of time will fade your flags and banners. We have compiled some of the most efficient methods to ensure longevity; to make the most out of your banner and flags. Here are some quick tips to keep your flag or banner in good condition:

1. Keep out of direct sunlight when not needed - our UV-resistant European ink still fare better without UV rays

2. Ensure there are no nearby rough walls, poles or plants that may damage the fabric - constant friction may cause irregular tear 

3. Make sure the flag or banner is setup correctly - push flag to the end of pole tip and tie the cord stopper accordingly

4. Keep your poles for your teardrop or feather banners away from surrounding objects - avoid pole damage caused by collision with other strong obstacles due to wind

5. Watch out for windy days - it's a good idea to take down your large banners if wind speeds exceed 55km/h, your small banners if wind speeds exceed 65km/h

6. Wash only when necessary - when washing do not use detergent, rinse in water only

7. Keep the spindle lubricated - the bearing system must be properly lubricated otherwise you risk the banner or flag becoming broken