How to set up the Teardrop / Feather Banners onto our poles?

Posted by David Lin on

In order to maintain your teardrop and feather banners, they must be setup correctly with care. It is important that you do not use any strong exerted force to jam the poles together.

Our Small Teardrop Banner kitsets (and Feather Banner kitsets) come with 2 poles, one thick base pole and another thinner flexible & durable to give the teardrop and feather flag shape. The large versions of the kitsets include 3 poles which slide in together nicely just like the Small Banner kitsets.

First, you'll need to connect the poles. It may be easier to lay the poles down on a table or the ground in order to prevent from inserting the poles at a wrong angle. Slide the teardrop banner or feather banner onto the pole through the black (or white) sleeve until it reaches the end. Make sure that the tip of the connected pole is at the reinforced tip of the sleeve before tying the teardrop flag to the base of the pole.

The base poles have one end which is the thickest for you to tie the feather banner / teardrop banner to. This end is attached to the stainless steel spindle of the teardrop flag or feather flag base which you selected.

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