6 Tips You Must Know About Feather / Teardrop Banner Flag Design

Posted by Shane Shane on

  1. Choose a correct design software for teardrop banner flag design: we recommend using the following 3 vector editing software, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Adobe InDesign for large advertising flags and banners design. 
  2. Understand the instructions and the lines in teardrop banner templates. Keep all important texts and graphics within RED sewing lines. The red sewing lines will be removed before banner printing. 
  3. Use CMYK colours and Pantone colours but not RGB colours. RGB is not for flag banner printing. Pantone colours are strongly recommended for better colour matching. 
  4. Use high resolution logos and images, vector files are mostly recommended
  5. Before saving the file, convert all fonts to contours or outlines since we might not have the specific fonts you have used.
  6. Save your custom flags artwork to a pdf file and embed all images and links to the file. 

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