Custom Teardrop Banners and Feather Banners for the month of September for Sydney & Melbourne

Posted by David Lin on

September is a very busy time of the year, especially for events, trade shows and business in general. The best way to get your message and business out are customised teardrop banners. 

They're quick and easy to setup and very eye-catching, especially in the strong Sydney & Melbourne atmosphere. Our teardrop and feather banners will make sure your business stands out. Majority of the most prestigious, well-known companies have smart marketing strategies utilising the best methods. Teardrop Banners Sydney and Teardrop Banners Melbourne is the best method.

Our features include:

  • Heavy-duty fabric: our polyknit fabrics are specially designed for Australian weather, including Melbourne.  
  • High standard UV resistant ink: say no to cheap Chinese made ink. We always use top quality European ink for our flag and banner printing. 
  • Fiberglass poles: extremely strong 2-piece fiberglass pole set can last 3 - 7 years depending on your usage environment. 
  • Strong carry bag - oxford fabric made carry bag for all types of teardrop flags
  • 5 teardrop flag base options suiting for any application
    • High standard sewing precision - we understand most flags are damaged because of poor sewing quality. We ensure that the sewing and stitches are done perfectly with our professional sewing machines for each of our flags.
    • Extra protection of flag tips - extra details to solidify the quality of our finished flag banner product. We have noticed the fabric at the tip Each flag has been encased with tip protection PVC increasing the fabric strength and resistance against fabric damage to the usually vulnerable tip.
    • Easy to install - Installation can also be a huge hassle, we've developed a very strong and efficient cord lock to setup your flag in just 2 easy steps.

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