24/7 Teardrop Banner and Feather Banner production

Posted by Shane Shane on

With the recent worldwide coronavirus hit, many companies importing their teardrop banners from China have been seriously affected. Such was not the case for us due to our factory being situated in New Zealand, this had little impact apart from increased shipping costs.

From those that have purchased our teardrop banners and feather banners in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia, they know our production has been consistent even through the outbreak. 

Our custom teardrop flags kitset offers the custom banner set for a discount. This teardrop flag kitset comes with the polyknit customised teardrop flag, fibreglass pole set(pieces depending on the size of the teardrop banner), a 3-year warranty stable base and a heavy-duty universal teardrop banner carry bag. This also applies to our feather banners and feather flags with quick delivery in Melbourne and three working days to other Australian addresses.

Our warehouse is located in North Melbourne, Melbourne. Where we deliver Australian feather flags and Melbourne teardrop banners

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